CXLA : Day 2 : Braaaptastic Drift Skidding Wheelie Wonderland


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Day 2 of SocalCross CXLA was MENTAL! Great seeing old friends and new yesterday; and súper great work out there from all the riders, organisers, and volunteers!  My ‘recovery’ spirits were hard into the red zone all day. If you … Continue reading

The Athletic @jeremyddunn + @MashSF killing it on the cult camera, cap + sock combo.

New Sock x Cap day from the fine folk over at  The Athletic + Mash SF - an homage to pretty much everyone’s favourite 35mm fully automatic ‘point and shoot’ riding camera The YASHICA T4.

So damn good, so go buy some! HERE!

Words and images courtesy of The Athletic and Mash SF’

MASH x The Athletic T4 Cap + Sock — $37.00

This is a little collaboration with our pals from the Bay Area – MASHSF. They made the cap, we made the sock and then we did the ol switcheroo. One size fits all with the cap, but make sure to select a proper sock size for your foot. Plus, the T4 is one of the greatest riding cameras off all time. We can all agree on that right?

LIMITED stock of the combination.

Cap – Made in Italy.DSCF0848.jpg