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This is the final opportunity to own one of our Limited Edition Cycling Kits. After this Limited-Time-Pre-Order ALL 5 of our current designs will be retired, for EVER!

Pre-order runs to MIDNIGHT on 31st October 2014 (US PACIFIC TIME).

Production lead time is 6-8 weeks. Get some!


GUNS of BRIXTON Limited Edition Cycling Kit. Photo: Chris Fortuna

GUNS of BRIXTON Limited Edition Cycling Kit. Photo: Chris Fortuna


Found Items: Brixton Cycles ‘The Same, But Better’ Postcard c2001: Nostalgia much?

While I was living it up in New York City in June of 2001, my mates at Brixton Cycles had, after 18 years been priced out of Coldharbour Lane, the then epicenter of SW2 life; But as always, what is probably the best Bike Shop in London came out smelling of roses once again, as the new ‘gaff’ they landed was not only ‘better’er’, but only 400m from the old shop AND next to a killer Skate x BMX park.

Whilst looking for old film negatives tonight, in a big dark box in our garage, I happened across this sweet Post Card designed by my friend Simon. It was elastic banded together with a series of other ‘BRIXTON CYCLES ARE MOVING’ cards, but this was the best of ‘em.

(cue the music) You can never turn back time, but you can always take a moment of it to remember your friends, and of cause, crack a beer in their honour. Cheers!



Faceplate: Thomas ‘Woody’ Wood: #GoldenSaddleCyclery

Thomas ‘Woody’ Wood. Co-founder of Golden Saddle Cyclery. Ruthlessly fast bike racer. Ace Mechanic (at national level). Cycle Coach. Super dad, and all around top-notch fella.

IMG_0263-1.JPG [Yashica T4 Super / 35mm]

“I have a lot of time for them”.

I inherited this saying from my father, and I think it sums up, with the kind of brevity that Woody would appreciate, how myself, and pretty much everyone else feels about him. I have a hell-of-a-lot of time for him, and I’m proud to call him friend.

So, take your bike in to Woody for a killer tune up, or hit him up for coaching advice and programs, or just drop by to say hello and talk to one of the best bicycle minds in the business, but preferably the first two. And remember always tip your mechanics, big!!!