Oh my Jah! Spread the love.


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Our mate YANKO makes some amazing saddle rolls and riding bags. Today he started putting together jah custom bar bag and an MTB rambling roll saddle bag for my vintage ‘rasta’ bontrager mtb. If you talk nicely to him he … Continue reading

Vintage MTB Build – 1997/98 Bontrager Privateer Comp aka ‘The Rasta Blasta!’


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It’s taken 3 months to pull everything together, but thanks to my awsome missus (who puts up with so much bike crap) and my good mates @goldensaddle my 1997/98 Bontrager Privateer Comp build is complete. It’s 90%-ish period correct, the … Continue reading

Chris Crushing on his Spectacularly Understated @stinnerframes


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The PCH is a dangerous and ugly gateway to the amazing riding hidden within the canyons and hillocks of the Santa Monica Mountains; but while escorting our buddy from boulder, Mavic marketing guru @chadmoore along this ocean side speedway our … Continue reading

Beer. Waffles. Ronde. Rest Days. And Climbing Dreams


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Yesterday morning was all about, beer, Belgian waffles and waking my missus up with the screeching commentary of the RVV “…Cancallra’s angry!” I watched and she listened as the crescendo of commentary took us through the final 10K, and as … Continue reading